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Stop to waste your time and money: Work with bank introducers benefiting of a real International network managed from Hong Kong by a Swiss entrepreneur living in the country since 13 years.

Our Offshore bank account opening service is available in: Hong Kong, Macau, Mauritius, Dubai, Switzerland but we also open offshore bank account time to time in Singapore, Estonia, Latvia, Cyprus, United Kingdom, Austria and Bahamas.

Opening a personal bank account with deposit of less than USD 3 million isn’t anymore possible in Hong Kong. The setup of a Hong Kong company is therefore the best option to maintain your financial freedom in such a secure environment.

How to open an offshore bank account?

After exchanging with you, we will suggest you the best option and we will prepare your offshore bank account introduction.

3 reasons why we are always successful (99%)


We have close relationships with few banks. We understand what they accept and what their onboarding compliance requirements are. Obviously our Swiss manager is an asset in term of credibility and network.


We are specialized: we open offshore business bank account for our clients living in 60 countries. Without problems, despite many changes of laws, regulations and bank strategies, we are up to date with bank requirements.


We prepare a complete file with documents to introduce our client properly: this KYC/compliance file is supervised by our manager whom is a Certified Anti-Money Laundering Specialist so we enjoy high credibility with our partners.

Get a free consultation today over Skype, by phone or with a short meeting at our Wanchai offices.

    The choice of the bank and the jurisdiction

    Where the company was incorporated as some offshore banks are rejecting exotic companies

    The nationality and country of residence of the beneficial owner

    The business activities: some offshore banks are refusing immaterial activities such as consulting and services.

    Location of clients and suppliers : as example if you have clients in USA it will be very difficult to work with most of offshore banks

    Expected turnover, number of transactions: offshore bank requirements are always different from one financial institution to another.

    CONTACT US now to understand what kind of choice your personal situation allows.

      Offshore bank account opening: 2 choices

      Offshore bank account travelling

      Offshore business bank account in Hong Kong and Macau is obviously our main strength as we are living here.

      Opening a Hong Kong offshore bank account is reserved to corporate entities (companies) as the private banking is requesting important deposits (always a minimum of 3 million USD).

      Hong Kong is very strict and that’s the reason why Macau offshore bank account is becoming extremely interesting. You setup a Macau company, meet our bank expert and only 3 weeks later, you can start operations.
      For Macau and Hong Kong you should visit the city and attend a bank interview.

      Offshore bank account without travelling

      Mauritius Offshore bank account

      We are working with 2 banks in Mauritius since few years and enjoy dealing with them, internet banking and offshore bank accounts with debit card.

      1. Offshore private bank account is available in Mauritius with very low deposit
      2. Mauritius Offshore business bank account is available with Seychelles companies and Hong Kong companies
      3. No need to travel!

      Switzerland offshore bank account

      We are working with one bank accepting to open corporate and private account without the need to travel there:

      Switzerland offshore business bank account : available for companies from many jurisdiction, you don’t need to open a Swiss company

      Switzerland private offshore bank account is also available for selected clients With or without travelling we offer multiples solutions, the best is to talk about it on SKYPE

      Frequent Asked Questions

      Diversification is the keyword, having your funds in a country where you do not live or work but which could be a safe shelter is a good precaution. Open an offshore account insure you freedom of transfer while preserving your privacy.

      The identity of the beneficial owner is always known by the bank. Whatever, if you use our nominees’ services, the bank will make certain that the ultimate beneficial owner of an anonymous offshore bank account is only known by them.

      Most of the bank we are working with are offering offshore debit card. Most of them are printing the client name on the card. Offshore debit card allows you to withdraw cash with 350,000 ATM worldwide.
      Offshore debit card shouldn’t be understood as offshore credit card (the one you use to shop). Although most of the bank are supplying such but with a deposit equivalent to the credit line.

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