Hong Kong Bank Introdution

A bank introduction isn’t a simple phone call to setup a bank meeting, although this is the practice for most of our competitors whom will charge an average of USD 500 to do so.

Our approach is totally different, we will conduct an enhanced due diligence and prepare an extensive compliance file for the bank.

As a result when you will meet, accompanied by us, the financial institution, they will already have a very clear picture of your profile and your activities. The banks understand that we had performed open sources searches and private databases checks on the same database that they are using.

So Hong Kong banks will de facto check the results of our compliance work, perform their own, request eventually additional information or documents and conduct an interview with the client.

Five to six weeks after the interview in Hong Kong the bank will open your bank account, this happened in 99% of the cases for the last four years.

We weekly introduce clients to banks and our reports are managed by a Certified Anti-Money Laundering Specialist (CAMS).

We are certain of our results, because we reject a lot of inquiries when we believe that the client has no or small chances to get approved and also because we reject clients during the compliance process if they have dissimulated facts or lied to us.

To receive the engagement letter and understand our terms and conditions please contact us

Hong Kong bank introduction services are integrated in our packages prices, so if we do register your company with us you don’t have to consult this page.

There are only few banks in Hong Kong accepting non-resident bank account opening; once you are rejected you can’t re-apply to the same bank.

Hong Kong bank account terminated?

Often the termination of a bank account is linked to the company jurisdiction, in Hong Kong all the bank account which were opened with a BVI are getting terminated , as there is many BVI’s accounts in Hong Kong this will take long but the process started a year ago.

When a Hong Kong bank account is terminated the bank will usually give the company few weeks only to withdraw the funds deposited and if you don’t do it on time they will close your account and send to the beneficial owner a bank cheque at the company name, so you better react very fast!

Why we obtain a bank account in 99 % of the cases?

We spend 15 hours to prepare your compliance file with all the explanations for the banks.

This work is included in our prices and when you find cheap provider of company formation in Hong Kong they obviously can’t offer the same services.

We do accept existing company and clients whom have been rejected by a bank or have their account terminated.

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