Hong Kong Nominee

By not appear publicly in Hong Kong directors and shareholders registration lists to protect your personal privacy and trade secrets.

Step one

Register a Seychelles company, its main advantage is that registration information directors and shareholders are not public, and there is no tax;

Step two

The Seychelles company becomes the founder and shareholder of a newly established Hong Kong company and will also serve as the legal person director of the Hong Kong company;

Providing Hong Kong nominee services, we will appoint a Hong Kong company on behalf of directors, a Hong Kong resident (bank accounts are required to attend the meeting), the director needs to be a professional and have the ability to manage the company in Hong Kong, in short, Not a casual taxi driver.

Step three

The newly established Hong Kong company will have the following characteristics:

  1. The company’s registered address in Hong Kong is in our office in Central, Hong Kong. At the same time, we help customers receive letters, and then forward or scan them to customers;
  2. The company’s shareholder is a Seychelles company with a registered address in Seychelles;
  3. The first director is a Hong Kong resident with a Hong Kong address ;
  4. The second director is a Seychelles company with a registered address in Seychelles;
  5. We act as the company’s legal company secretary in Hong Kong;
  6. We prepare for the company: trademarks, letterheads with the trademarks, invoice templates and business cards, company domain names and company email accounts and company websites (login pages) created with the domain names.

Step four

To open bank accounts in Hong Kong, Hong Kong banks provide multi-currency accounts, excellent online banking services and debit/debit cards, which can be used on more than 350,000 ATMs worldwide.

The Hong Kong nominee director will go to the Hong Kong bank to open an account with the company’s beneficial owner. The choice of bank is very important because some banks are reluctant to open bank accounts for companies with nominee directors. However, we understand this situation clearly, so we will choose the right bank for our customers. Frequent contact with the bank is essential.

All services mentioned above are included in our Hong Kong nominee program prices in (no hidden additional fees) – the first year of $ 8600, the second year of $ 5500 per year.

Interested parties please call: +85235470140 or via Skype: ap-hktaxfree for a 20-minute free consultation. If you have any questions, please email to: expert@hongkongtaxfree.com

Before using the nominee service, please pay attention to:

If the shareholder of the Hong Kong company is an offshore company, the bank will conduct stringent due diligence on the Seychelles company (the bank compliance review is mainly for understanding the company’s beneficial owners in all aspects). Ultimately, the beneficial owner needs to participate in the bank account opening meeting and be the sole signatory of the Hong Kong company in the bank.

Company directors should be persons who have the ability to manage the company. In law, the concept of nominee director does not really exist, so as a director you have all the responsibilities and privileges.

Some customers prefer to use Hong Kong companies on behalf of individual shareholders holding company instead of using the Seychelles behalf of the holders, however, for the following reasons we do not recommend doing so:

  1. If the Seychelles Hong Kong company as a shareholder of the company, the company can also serve as corporate directors Seychelles Hong Kong company, so you can better ensure that the Hong Kong company’s actual control over the company’s beneficiaries.
  2. If the name on behalf of individual shareholders but also on behalf of the Hong Kong company’s directors, beneficial owners of the company’s right to control would be weakened – because the concept of a nominee does not exist in law, the natural person at the same time as the company’s shareholders and directors will The company has great rights;
  3. If a natural person to be appointed to the Hong Kong company on behalf of shareholders, it should have a certain financial capacity, or should the financially strong enough background, shareholders of the company at the time of the survey, it could easily be judged using a nominee agreement.

Hong Kong law since March 2014, Xiang and Hong Kong companies must have at least one natural person as a director of the company. Since then, Hong Kong nominee services have further developed. To some extent, part of your company’s future is closely related to the nominee service provider.

We only work with small part of the customer after we carefully selected to provide Hong Kong, nominee services, in order to limit our exposure and to ensure that our service quality and completely confidential work.

For already set up a company, we can also provide a nominee service. However, since the historical information of the company registration in Hong Kong and the company registration documents are public, the public can inquire relevant information for a small fee on the Internet. Therefore, if the beneficial owner of the company was a director at some time in the past, then It doesn’t make much sense to use this service again.

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