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Hong Kong Bank Account : Essential Informations

Updated on June 2017

We are experts with Hong Kong bank account opening, this is our main strength

Our manager is a Certified Anti-Money Laundering Specialist and our team is very experimented with close relationships with few Hong Kong banks.

We achieve great success for Hong Kong bank account opening even after the April 2016 changes in term of bank requirements.

To understand your chances to successfully open a bank account in Hong Kong CONTACT US NOW, please provide us with some basic information:

1.Your nationality and country of residence,

2.Your business activities, with the exact definition of the products or services you are selling,

3.The geographical location of your clients and suppliers, your expected turnover.

You could also have a chat with us on SKYPE about Hong Kong bank account opening requirements.

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Why us for your Hong Kong bank account opening assistance?

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  1. We live and work in Hong Kong; we have close relationships with the banks.
  2. We know (and are up to date) about what are the Hong Kong bank requirements for account opening, in terms of information and documents to be presented.
  3. We know which bank will be the comfortable with a specific nationality or business models.
  1. We prepare a file about the client, his past and current activities, his new business etc... This is called a KYC (Know Your Customer) compliance file, this facilitate greatly the work of the banks we are working with.
  2. If you have no chance to open a bank account in Hong Kong, because of your nationality and country of residence or because of your specific business model we do NOT take you as a client, so Hong Kong banks knows that we are not introducing clients if they don’t fit in their standards.
  3. We enjoy more credibility than our colleagues as we only introduce interesting clients for the banks, this with a complete KYC / Compliance file supervised by an Anti-Money Laundering Specialist.

99% of success rate with our Hong Kong bank account opening assistance

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Attendance to a Hong Kong bank meeting

All directors and shareholder with more than 20% of the shares will need to attend the Hong Kong bank account interview.

We will prepare all the documents in advance so when you have the bank meeting the team will already have browsed your file and will ask you only few specific questions.

Companies accepted for Hong Kong business bank account

ong Kong companies, Seychelles companies, Samoa companies are familiars to Hong Kong banks, Hong Kong 18 depending on your nationality, country of residence and specific activities the bank might reject your bank account opening if you are not using a Hong Kong company.
Hong Kong banks are refusing Hong Kong corporate bank account to entities incorporated in BVI, Belize, Panama, Labuan, and Dubai etc...
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Hong Kong bank account opening requirements

The KYC / Compliance file is prepared by experts, if you want to do this alone the rejection rate at end of March 2016 is 70%, that’s the reason why our competitors are losing business.

The compliance file necessitate an average of 15 hours of work, will describe the owners and activities in a very documented way, we will give you a list of documents to be prepared after our first contacts and based on your situation.

Banking in Hong Kong for non-resident

You are welcome in Hong Kong, some nationalities and country of residence will face a longer Hong Kong bank account opening process (enhanced due diligence).

Hong Kong 18 We know which bank is accepting or rejecting Hong Kong bank account for non-resident.

A lot of blogs and information published on Internet are outdated or simply totally wrong contact us now for a precise answer

Privacy – confidentiality of a bank account in Hong Kong

Hong Kong did signed the AEIO Automatic Exchange of Information with the following two countries only: Japan and United Kingdom. Hong Kong have yet to implement the CRS, Common Reporting Standard, so your privacy is protected in the sense that Hong Kong will not automatically send your bank account details to your country of residence.

Of course things might change, we open offshore bank account worldwide and are very respectful of the privacy and business confidentiality (our manager is a Swiss entrepreneur living for 15 years in Hong Kong) and we keep our clients informed at all times.

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