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Updated on October 2018

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Your company in Hong-Kong for 1'190 USD

The best effective way to start your business in Hong Kong with a no-surprises package including the below essentials:

  1. Company registration services
  2. Articles of Association standard
  3. Shares certificates
  4. Company seal
  5. Company registration certificate (incl. TAX)
  6. Business registration (equivalent to TIN), incl. TAX
  7. Registered address for one year
  8. Company secretary services for one year

Important to know:

  1. The registered address location should be in line with the business model, no point to have an address for i.e. a motorbike spare parts business located in a financial tower occupied by lawyers and notaries.
  2. Clients checking about your company online will access important information such as the company capital, a company with 1 HKD capital will de facto have a poor credibility.
  3. A shelf (existing) company is useless as anyway the bank will require few weeks to open the bank account, no time and cost would be saved.
  4. To get more useful information and avoid making mistake please contact us

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Before deciding to register a Hong Kong company:

Without bank account opening in Hong Kong the process is useless, we are specialized and authorized bank introducers.

Hong Kong company formation costs are often published with attractive low costs but theses providers don‘t offer a correct bank account opening assistance in Hong Kong. The process is long and costly, we spend an average of 15 hours of compliance work and should get pay for this ...

by including this services in our Hong Kong company formation package we simplify your decision.

Understanding your private and personal situation is essential to give you the good advices and possibly to offer you other opportunities.

You need recommendations about company formation in Hong Kong?

Please let us know:

  1. Your nationality and country of residence
  2. The new Hong Kong company activities in details
  3. The location of customers and suppliers
  4. The expected turnover

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Some nationalities and countries of residence are considered as medium of high risk by the banks and then have to go through a longer bank account opening process.

Some activities, consulting or online sales are accepted by one bank and rejected by another so the selection of the bank depends on the customer profile.

The notion of KYCC Know Your Customers’ Customers is also becoming important so although your profile is “perfect” your clientele is maybe not welcomed by a specific bank.

Working with us is easier than with other providers, we speak English, French, Cantonese, and Chinese; and managed by two entrepreneurs with an extensive business network in Hong Kong and abroad we deliver solutions fast and with a creative approach.

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