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Updated on June 2017

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Hong Kong company formation with bank account opening assistance.

A simple package, all included, without hidden fees.

  1. We register a Hong Kong company, with all incorporation documents
  2. We provide a Hong Kong company registered address at our office
  3. We provide the company logo with letterhead, invoices template and business cards
  4. We create email accounts under the company domain name
  5. We provide Hong Kong bank account opening assistance with a due diligence about you and the company which demands an average of nine hours of work but insure smooth bank account opening

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The beneficial owner is the director and shareholder of the Hong Kong Company; he or she appears on the registry of directors and shareholders which is publicly accessible on internet for a small fee.

The Hong Kong company bank account offers multi-currency and internet banking plus debit card with access to 350’000 ATM’s in the world.

We offer Hong Kong virtual office services so when your company receives mails we could transfer them to you or open it, scan and send them by email to you without additional charges.

The Hong Kong company formation also includes our Hong Kong company secretary position so your company is well maintained, as explained above everything is included in our package, you could download it HERE:

Feel free to contact us Phone: +852 3547 0140, by Skype: ap-hktaxfree or by email: to get additional information on the Hong Kong company formation process.

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Important facts before register a Hong Kong company:

  1. Without bank account opening in Hong Kong the process is useless, we are specialized and authorized bank introducers.
  2. Hong Kong company formation costs are often published with attractive low costs but theses websites don‘t offer a correct bank account opening assistance in Hong Kong as the process is long and costly, we spend an average of nine hours and should get pay for this ... by including this services in our Hong Kong company formation package we simplify your decision.
  3. Understanding your private and personal situation is essential to give you the good advices and possibly to offer you other opportunities.

You need good and fast answers about company formation in Hong Kong? Please let us know:

  1. Your nationality and country of residence
  2. Your current activities and the nature of products and services offered
  3. The new Hong Kong company activities with the location of customers and suppliers
  4. The expected turnover and the number of transactions per month

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Some nationalities and countries of residence are considered as medium of high risk by the banks and then have to go through a longer bank account opening process, some are banned but it will not be announced officially by the banks.

Some activities, consulting or online sales are accepted by one bank and rejected by another so the selection of the bank depends on the customer profile.

The notion of KYCC Know Your Customers’ Customers is also becoming important so although your profile is “perfect” your clientele is maybe not welcomed by a specific bank.

You will be banned from opening a bank account in Hong Kong if your business model is about defense material, pornography, online drugs, casino and betting, surrogate mothers, forex etc..

Working with us is easier than with other providers, we speak English, French, Cantonese, and Chinese; and managed by two entrepreneurs with an extensive business network in Hong Kong and abroad we deliver solutions fast and with a creative approach.

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Independents, we work only from our central offices with a straight forward approach and clear statements.

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