Estonia company formation with bank account opening in Estonia without travelling

Updated on October 2018

Estonia offers the advantage to be a European country with geographic (and cultural) proximity with Russia and other CIS countries.

Company formation in Estonia has the advantage to setup a presence in Europe in a low wages country with a particular tax situation.

Estonia is member of EU and OECD but is the only country in the EU where corporate profits are not immediately taxed. You will pay only when the profits are distributed, accumulating wealth or cash flow to be used for your international development.

When distributing the profits the tax will be 20%

The concept:

  1. Estonia company formation, all documents no hidden fees

Estonia 00

  1. Estonia company registered address (exclusive, not shared)
  2. Estonian resident as company director
  3. Mail forwarding service
  4. Telephone / fax numbers with message forwarding (exclusive)
  5. Notarized and Apostilled Power of Attorney (valid one year)
  6. Estonia company corporate shareholder from commonwealth of Dominica IBC
  7. Estonia bank account opening without travelling

Estonia company formation could be a very interesting part of an International tax planning operation, the possibility to have substance for the company while protecting the identity of the beneficial owner is particularly attractive to Asian clients trading with Europe.

We selected Estonia as we still have the possibility to open bank account at distance in the country, this becoming difficult with most countries.

The opportunity to conduct business at low cost in Estonia, opening office with back office employees or managing warehouse or other facilities (packaging lines, printing, etc…) to transform and add value to a product line, should retain the attention of manufacturers.

Although our team is only working from our Hong Kong offices, our HK corporates services experts deliver services and implement solutions in various countries.

International tax planning from Hong Kong is protecting your privacy and business confidentiality, we work and live in a multi-cultural and open environment and through our network of friends and business partners we could intervene in multiples locations.

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