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Macau company formation and personal bank account: An entrepreneur hidden gem

Updated on September 2017

You only need ONE VISIT in Macau (1 hour ferry trip from Hong-Kong) to sign the company documents and meet the bank with us.

  • Only 4 weeks later your bank account is operational
  • with a selection of 2 major Chinese banks and 1 local Macau bank

It’s a VIP service: efficient and conducted by experts both in Macau and in Hong Kong.

A 1-hour trip by ferry from Hong Kong to your business freedom.

Opening a Macau company offers multiples advantages

  • A Macau company will locate your activities in the heart of Asia, right at the border with China
  • Macau company taxes are very attractive: the first 75'000 USD are not taxable, then only a profit tax of 12% will be applied
  • 1 shareholder being also the director = unipersonal company (perfect for business consultants, web experts, etc…)
  • 3 company names: English, Portuguese and Chinese (Portuguese and Chinese names are a translation of the English name)
  • 1 Macau registered address: excellent service from a law office

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Opening a bank account in Macau

As per international laws and regulations, the bank will request documents and explanations. Macau bank account opening will require a waiting time of 4 weeks (from the bank meeting date to the real opening).

To insure a perfect Macau bank account opening, our experts will:

  1. Prepare a compliance report about your past, current and projected activities. This document of usually 12 pages insure you the best possible Macau bank account opening process
  2. Accompany you to the bank in Macau and follow up till the process is completed

Opening a bank account in Macau could only be made with a Macau company: please note the Macau banks are refusing offshore companies.

Multi-currencies bank account and personal bank account

A Macau bank account is usually multi-currencies, depending on the bank you could also open your private bank account in the same time and request for a Private credit card.

Macau banks are not any longer offering corporate credit cards.

Macau is not only a leading touristic destination famous for its high rollers casino players, the city is also a business hub for many SME companies willing to expand in Asia.

Opening a company in Macau is definitively a good solution for consultants and providers of services with a low turnover.

While being subject to tax, your tax return will be painless and you will be located at on1e ferry hour from Hong Kong.

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