Macau company incorporation with bank account opening assistance

Updated on October 2018

The beneficial owner is the director and shareholder of the company. Please note the director will have to attend a bank interview in Macau.

Added value N°1: We will provide a full compliance file to the bank about your company activities and about your (the beneficial owner) background.

Thanks to excellent comments for its Anti-Money Laundering programs, Macau has a better international image than few years ago.

Macau is NOT an offshore juridiction : please note that corporate profits tax is ONLY 12% (from USD 75,000)

Added value N°2: We established a specific process to avoid a double-visit to Macau (1 for the incorporation and 1 for the bank account opening).

Key points:

  • One day visit (a 1-hour ferry journey from Hong Kong) to sign company documents and to meet your bank advisor
  • Major Chinese bank, or Private banking with Portuguese bank
  • Opportunity to get a personal account with credit card (only AFTER the corporate banking opening)

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Our work in a nutshell:

→ Bank account

  • Bank account appointment advices + review of your situation
  • Bank account appointment booking
  • Compliance report with background check and explanations
  • Specific review by our Certified Anti-Money Laundering Specialist (CAMS)
  • Bank assistance during bank interview + complete follow-up till bank account opening

→ Documents

  • Meeting, or phone consultation with a senior member of our team
  • Company name search (searching for existing or similar company name)
  • Certificate of Incorporation (we pay the government fees)
  • Business registration license for 1 year (we pay the government fees)
  • Shares certificate
  • Memorandum and Articles of Association
  • Company Chop
  • Storage and protection of your company documents

→ Company secretary and Company address

  • Company registered address
  • Company secretary services for 1 year (mandatory for an Hong Kong resident)
  • Company secretary letter of acceptance

→ Communication and website

  • Letterhead with your logo (designed by us)
  • Invoice template with your logo (designed by us)
  • Email account with a «.com »
  • One-Page Website with your logo

Price: USD 8'000


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