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Updated on October 2018


Despite numerous difficulties for the bank account opening process achieving a corporate or private bank account opening in Switzerland is still attractive for many entrepreneurs.

Switzerland is ideally located in the heart of Europe. The Swiss economy is among the five wealthiest in the world with a US$ 81'000 GDP per capita. Moreover, Switzerland is the main stakeholder in the private banking area and wealth management thanks to many well-known banks, wealth managers, lawyers and family offices.

Switzerland has many advantages

  1. High level of privacy with bank associates used to protect the confidentiality of their clients
  2. highly qualified wealth management companies and private banks
  3. Bankers familiar with international clients
  4. A variety of products dedicated to UHNWI

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A central location in Europe and a very secure environment

You will have the possibility to open an offshore bank account at distance in Switzerland without travelling but this only for a short list of offshore companies.

A private banking account will require deposit of minimum USD 1 million to be qualified as professional investor and a lengthy process to determine your risk assessment.

With one bank only we could open personal bank account to receive salaries or dividends from abroad with a low deposit.

A Swiss company is also a good opportunity; despite high capital requirement (CHF 100,000) and obviously maintenance costs higher than other opportunities the setup of a Swiss company in Geneva could be very efficient.

A new tax system to «answer» European Union tax pressure

Switzerland will revisit its tax system, to adapt to the European Union pressure on tax optimization; it’s very likely that Swiss companies’ taxes will be decreased in order to not have differentiation between a local company and an international company.

By decreasing the tax pressure and levelling all corporate taxes, Switzerland will not be accused of favoring foreign companies’ installation in Switzerland for tax reasons.

This said the process to obtain such a result could be longer than expected as the Swiss population voted against the corporate tax decrease in 2016.

In Switzerland a company will benefit from:

  1. Social stability
  2. Steady Economy
  3. High qualified manpower
  4. An easy access to Europe

Our added value: As we are managed by a Swiss entrepreneur we benefit from an extensive network in Switzerland, particularly in Geneva where we do support our clients for bank account opening and company setup.

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