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Updated on October 2018

Opening a personal bank account with deposit of less than USD 3 million isn’t anymore possible in Hong Kong. The setup of a Hong Kong company is therefore the best option to maintain your financial freedom in such a secure environment.

Opening a business or private bank account without traveling is extremely difficult, except of course for those whom believe in tiny banks located on exotic islands.

Opening a bank account without travelling requires a compliance file prepared by us, the main difference is that the new bank will systematically request for a bank reference letter when on-boarding a client without a physical meeting.

We selected few solutions:

  1. SOLUTION 1: Company bank account in Mauritius

    Offshore bank account benefits with as example a Seychelles company (no access to the register of directors and shareholders) instead of a Mauritius company. We regard Mauritian companies as too expensive to register and to maintain.

    Mauritius bank account opening at distance with a friendly team and good internet services, debit card or credit card depending on the bank we will select together.
  2. SOLUTION 2: Offshore private bank account in Mauritius

    The Mauritius banks will accept private clients will deposit as low as USD 5’000 this unique solution for opening a bank account without travelling is one of our best sellers. Usually offshore bank account requirements are substantial with deposit of minimum USD 500’000.

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  3. SOLUTION 3: Corporate or private banking in Geneva Switzerland

    Our company is managed by a Swiss national living in Hong Kong for 15 years; obviously he kept a nice networking in his country so we could assist you very effectively.

    Switzerland banking quality is remarkable, costs ae often high and the compliance very demanding but as this process is our main strength we are certain of the result.
  4. SOLUTION 4: Private banking in Bahamas

    Opening a bank account without travelling in Bahamas with a reputable Swiss bank, minimum deposit is USD 300’000, private banking services with discretion and efficiency.

    We are offshore banking specialists as the foundation of our activities is based on discretion and confidentiality please contacts us for a free consultation.

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