How to setup a company in Hong Kong

Hong-Kong: A perfect place to set up a company

The process of setting up a Hong Kong company is easy and straight forward. Hong Kong is reputed to be one of the freest economies in the world. One advantage of being a free economy is the ease of running business. Registering a company to run your business in Hong Kong is very fast and easy.

You are required to have a registered capital of only 10,000 HKD when registering your Hong Kong Company. This is good news for every entrepreneur who desires to save as much cost as possible.

You are not even required to live in Hong Kong in order to own a Hong Kong company, though you’re required to have a Hong Kong office address and an individual company secretary. We can help you hire a secretary and get a registered office address for a relatively low annual fee.

Some of the Benefits of Setting Up your Business in Hong Kong Include…

Work from anywhere in the world

When you own a Hong Kong company, you are afforded the opportunity of running your business from anywhere in the world which is great for entrepreneurs, especially web-entrepreneurs. If you do not live in Hong Kong, we can take care of everything (including providing you with an office address).

Open a bank account in Hong-Kong

Hong Kong is the financial world center and, once you have formed your company, you can open and use a multi-currency business bank account at a bank well-known worldwide.

This is a real plus if you plan to do a business around the world. This step must be made by a bank introduction expert because banks require a lot of documents for you to set up an account. We can help you prepare these documents.

Our expertise is a real plus for your company project success

A lot of paperwork unless…

Firstly, you need to decide whether you are going to buy a company that has already been registered or apply to open a company in your desired name. There is no difference in costs, although a readymade company is faster to set up.

You should be aware that starting a company in Hong Kong requires plenty of paperwork and it could be difficult and time consuming trying to sort everything out by yourself. That’s why we are here to make your work so much easier.

You will have to physically go to Hong Kong when opening a bank account with a Hong Kong bank. One of our experts could be made available to help you with the bank account opening process.

Also, you must have an address and a secretary in Hong Kong. But you don’t need to rent an office or employ a secretary, we would be glad to provide this service to you.

We prepare everything for you: Step by step

Contact us either by email or phone and we’ll go through, together, the details of your new company. We will, thereafter, email you all the necessary documents to fill and for your signature. Once you’ve signed these documents, you then have to send them back to us through a courier service.

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You just have to choose your company's name

You will have to complete a few processes in order to get your company set up in Hong Kong.

You will need to choose a name for your company in Hong-Kong. We will check if the name is available or not.

In order to start with the company opening procedure you will have to provide us with:

  1. Name of the company (2 to 3 names of your choice)
  2. Passport copy of all directors and shareholders
  3. Utility bill for confirmation purpose
  4. Cash and capital contribution (in percent for each shareholder)

Your chosen company name should not be same as those already in company register and can be either an English or Chinese name or a combination of both English and Chinese.

Your company and your anonymity

A company formation will suffice for majority of business objects. We will help you register your company and deliver to your doorstep all documents related to this company formation in Hong-Kong (certificate of incorporation and business registration).

If you desire anonymity, you can ask us to appoint a “Nominee Director and/or Nominee Shareholder” on your behalf.

The Nominee Director and/or Nominee Shareholder are not required to manage your company and you keep the same rights and benefits as if you were appointed a director and/or a shareholder directly.

That is all you need to get your company set up in Hong Kong.

Get a free consultation today over Skype, by phone or with a short meeting at our Wanchai offices.

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