Network Connection: The Business Driver in the Hong Kong’s Skyscrapers 

Hong Kong stands out in the entire globe because of two remarkable things; it is a financial hub and the city with largest skyscrapers. With over 3000 skyscrapers, the businesses that occupy them face one challenge; connectivity.

Top businesses such as financial centers must be served with fast internet, without which everything would come down crumbling. The competitive advantage of Hong Kong as a financial hub would fade very fast.

Now, it is not just the banks that require this connectivity. Digital production studios, forex exchange companies, apps design and selling firms and entertainment businesses are high-intensity data users. In fact, some of them slowly rely on the internet to source clients and make sales.

The issue is not just connectivity when it comes to the skyscrapers in Hong Kong, but the management of such connections. The network entry points and each access point in the entire building are never easy. One solution that has worked in other cities and that Hong Kong promises to use is the adoption of a 5G wireless network. However, the earliest that this internet can arrive in Hong Kong is 2020. This means that the current issue of connectivity and access management continues.

Some landlords have even waded into this high-tech issue by taking the role of defacto operators. To them, this is an opportunity to get more from tenants as they bundle the rent with the network connection. This scenario highlights the urgent need for reliable, measurable and quality internet for skyscraper businesses in Hong Kong.

Ability to divide the network capacity 

At this point, two crucial considerations are evident;

First, the tenants have to access the connectivity they require for their businesses. It is crucial that this network helps businesses operate optimally. This is very important for data-intensive businesses such as financial institutions. In such cases, delays are not acceptable in any way. It might be crucial to use various providers for every skyscraper to guarantee reliable and effective internet.

Taking all that can be gulped 

Think of a situation where all people access a Wi-Fi hotspot; the network connectivity degrades. It is no different here in Hong Kong. This problem becomes a serious issue when it comes to businesses in Hong Kong skyscrapers. Some high-intensity data users with the capacity to take a lot of internet eat the entire bandwidth in the system leaving nothing for others. If unchecked, this could mean serious issues affecting the operations or even ground a business.

With appropriate SLAs, it is possible to allocate ample bandwidth for every tenant. This will guarantee everyone of ample network connectivity. However, full-time monitoring software has to be installed to ensure that the allocated bandwidth is not exceeded.

Skyscraper to building connection

The process of managing connections, access, and billing among other networking requirements is very complex for a skyscraper. The complexity is compounded when the buildings include several thousand skyscrapers.

If connectivity is managed on a customer to customer basis for each building, the cost will be too much and services highly ineffective.

Being in the data-driven age, Hong Kong has to act fast or risk losing relevance. With other cities such a Shanghai having conquered the same issues, the risk of fading as a financial hub is imminent. The network must be optimized and managed well to ensure that the evolving needs of the city can be met.

Whether you are planning to come and open a company in Hong Kong or has been there for some time, do not hesitate to contact us for assistance on connection and other issues.