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Corporate bank account and Hong-Kong offshore company

Your company in Hong Kong from 800 USD

Opening a personal bank account with deposit of less than USD 3 million is NOT possible anymore in Hong Kong. The setup of a Hong Kong company is therefore the best option to maintain your financial freedom in such a secure environment.

Company bank account opening rate success

We are the only company opening bank accounts in Hong Kong for 99% of the clients, our strength rely on a rigorous process requiring many hours of compliance work (average of 15 hours of work to prepare the documented client profile for the bank.

We are the only company opening bank accounts in Hong Kong for 99% of the clients, our strength rely on a rigorous process requiring many hours of compliance work (average of 15 hours of work to prepare the documented client profile for the bank.

1 %
Success Rate

We achieve great results because we are working more than the competition, we will fully understand your business and your needs BEFORE implementing our solutions.

Opening a company in Hong Kong or Offshore one should be prepared with bank account opening experts as a company without bank account is useless.

Bank account opening for non-resident is becoming difficult; all should be explained and prepared with attention to details. Without the support of professional bank introducers benefitting from extensive banking network and recognized for the quality of their work you will only lose time and money.

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    Why work with us

    An offshore company formation has to be confidential; we are discreetly working only from our Wanchai Hong Kong offices with a small team of experts.

    Non-resident Bank account opening process is becoming very hard as the banks have to comply with new guidance (AML controls over tax evasion). Our manager is a Certified Anti-Money Laundering Specialist and this essential added value is the key of your success.

    International business experience : we worked and lived in Europe for years, our managing director is a Swiss entrepreneur living in Hong Kong for 15 years.

    The process of opening a company in Hong-Kong is simple but, to be efficient and legal, it should take into account YOUR professional situation and the evolution of laws and regulations. We stay up to date and attend many events to always remain aware of new laws and regulations.

    Offshore bank account opening could take place in Hong Kong, Mauritius, Dubai, Switzerland, etc... We will review your profile to select the BEST offshore banking solution. This step is mainly based on your nationality and your country of residence.

    We are familiar with complex structures, multi-layers companies and modern business models.

    We are working for entrepreneurs based in 60 different countries, that’s why we speak fluently English, French, Cantonese and Chinese.

    Services provided

    Company formation in Hong-Kong: Hong Kong registered address and Hong Kong company secretary

    Invoicing, organization of accounting and audit with selected partners​

    Provision of logo, invoice templates, simple website and brochure

    Reception and scan of incoming mails + phone answering

    Offshore bank account opening assistance: preparation of the "essential" KYC file + of the bank interview. Our follow-up is active till your bank account opening

    Deciding for the right solution is a difficult task: many opportunities and different potential jurisdictions are available for your business freedom journey. We believe in understanding your business prior giving you advices as your future business flows should be pragmatic.

    Plus we believe that the bank acceptance is a key factor as the offshore bank account opening process is totally different compared to the situation a few years ago.

    The Common Reporting Standard (CRS) is also de-facto not only exposing clients to unwanted scrutiny, but also disturbing foreign bank account opening as the new regulation is putting pressure on the banks.

    Depending on your tax residence and the nature of your business, we will mainly provide solutions within these jurisdictions:

    Hong Kong, with a local company or with anoffshore structure

    Macau company formation and Macau bank account opening (mid-shore solution)

    Dubai free zone company with Dubai bank account opening

    Mauritius offshore bank account opening (without traveling)

    Seychelles company with bank account in Hong Kong or in Mauritius

    Swiss bank account (without travelling)

    Estonia and Latvia opportunities with local companies and bank accounts, VAT numbers

    We are also offering services to protect your business confidentiality and the privacy of selected clients after severe enhanced due diligence as we don’t want to be polluted with inadequate clients.

    Nominee directors services with different profiles, nationalities and countries of residence but always with strong skills (any taxi driver is becoming a CEO over here…)

    Nominee shareholders with A) Corporate shareholders using Hong Kong and Seychelles companies B) Individuals with existing wealth this in few jurisdictions

    Why are we always starting our exchanges with questions?

    Your nationality and country of residence: a lot of persons see their bank account opening rejected because of their passport and location. We understand bank strategies, their business and risk appetite.

    Detailed business activities: some banks are accepting immaterial businesses such as consultancy, shipping, travel agency, etc… others not, some activities are even rejected.

    Location of clients & suppliers: if you are working with clients in high-taxed countries, if your suppliers are in a country considered as medium or high-risk, this will influence the result of our work and often the solution provided.

    Bank account terminated?

    The bank compliance department is often terminating an existing bank account, it is part of the bank strategy and could be the result of few factors:

    Inactive account or not enough transactions

    Transactions with medium or high risk countries

    Ultimate beneficial owner nationality and country of residence

    Transactions with medium or high risk countries

    Not answering in due time to a bank question or any request for documents

    An account being terminated is most of the time not the sign of an illegitimate client, but more the reflection of a change in the bank strategy.

    We provide bank account opening assistance for corporate account terminated, we will select after severe due diligence a new bank for your company.

    Recognised Experts

    Our management is regularly giving conferences and helping other professionals for matters regarding anti-money laundering and optimization strategies.

    Nominee Services

    Understanding your private and personal situation is essential to give you the good advices and possibly to offer you other opportunities.

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