Audit and Accounting

Hong Kong company audit and accounting requirements are facilitated by the fact that the competition is harsh; there is in Hong Kong 38,000 Certified Public Accountants. So the most complex situations could always find the right and legal solution as many companies are offering such services.

Few key facts:

Hong Kong Audit and Accounting fees are always calculated based on the number of transaction as well as on the turnover or company assets.

Audit should be prepared after 12 or 18 months for the first year of operation, then regularly every 12 months.

Most of the time the Auditor will be your tax representative in Hong Kong, handling all matters with the Inland Revenue Department.

Hong Kong company audit and accounting fees should not be published (by law) and our company is referring clients to a limited numbers of Audit firms collaborating with us for many years, this offers few advantages:

More flexibility for the choice of a partner, some are specialized with certain business models and are therefore fasters than others.

Independence and absence of conflict of interest, our team is co-managed by a Certified Public Accountant and we know what questions will be asked and which documents will be requested

Confidentiality protection as important documents and business secrets could be disclosed only if requested and approved by you.

As our clients are coming from more than 60 countries we have a real international approach and our managers being entrepreneurs we facilitate the transition between you and the professional auditors, translating if necessary some documents.

We speak English, Chinese, Cantonese, French, Spanish and we incorporated your company so we ease all the process.

Hong Kong offshore status with Pre-ruling is obtainable through our services as we understand your business model and activities having performed an enhanced due diligence for your bank account opening.

Basically the choice of a provider for the registration of a Hong Kong company should not be based on the accounting and audit fees as the market is very open, but a good provider will understand your requirements and match them with the best audit firm.

Obviously we negotiate preferable fees as we channel important business for our partners, don’t hesitate to contact us – – today to receive by email a price offer.

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