All you need to know about Company Formation in Hong-Kong

A Hong Kong company not having activities in Hong Kong is considered as a Hong Kong Offshore company with zero tax, but you could also:

Register an offshore company with bank account in Hong Kong

This solution has a lot of advantages but is also limited to certain business models and nationalities and countries of residence of the beneficial owners, let’s start by the advantages:

By using a Seychelles company with bank account in Hong Kong you don’t appear on a public register of directors and shareholders it’s an opaque solution, a privacy shield.

A Seychelles company doesn’t need to have a formal accounting and audit; you should keep track of all transaction yourself and keep it where ever you want.

Offshore bank account in Hong Kong could be setup with a Seychelles company with the same process than for a regular Hong Kong company bank account opening

No tax on transactions, no tax declaration

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Offshore company Hong Kong is a generic term, you could use offshore companies from the Seychelles, Samoa and Marshall Islands to open your bank account but this has limitations and disadvantages:

For some nationalities and countries of residence this solution isn’t accepted by the Hong Kong banks so you have systematically to consult us just before the start of the process as bank are changing their policies and strategies quite often.

To open an offshore banking account in Hong Kong with such company you should pass an enhanced due diligence prepared by us and integrated in our prices by quite inquisitive and long to prepare, we spend an average on nine hours to prepare a bank introduction in Hong Kong.

Activities which are immaterial , such as consulting and services have difficulties to open a bank account with an offshore company.

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    Our Solution

    Seychelles company (the most commonly accepted by Hong Kong banks) with correspondence address at our office and Hong Kong virtual services to receive your mails, opening, scan and forwarding to you free of charge if you like to.

    We provide the company with logo, letterhead, email accounts on the company domain name.

    Hong Kong bank introduction services are included with our team of experts to prepare your compliance file for the bank and assist your during all the process.


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    Please contact us at and mention your nationality, country of residence and activities for a first answer about this great opportunity.

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