Dubai free-zone company

Often known as Dubai offshore company because of the absence of taxes in Dubai, we are offering a perfect Dubai company solution, especially for persons whom are travelling extensively and present the below profile:

Singles, separated or divorced without the obligation to expatriate with their families

International business model with import-export from their current country of residence or

Consulting activities which doesn’t necessitate a presence in their current country of residence

Willing to spend few weeks in Dubai and to develop part of their business from there

The Dubai free-zone company should be located in a free-zone, there are quite a lot of choices in this respect and we are focusing on the Sharja free-zone company.

The Sharjah Airport International Free zone, also known as SAIF zone, is a Dubai free zone located next to Sharjah airport. It only needs 30 min from Dubai downtown. Establishing a company in the SAIF zone offers benefits such as:

100% foreign ownership

100% exemption from income and corporate taxes

100% exemption of import and export duties

Free repatriation of benefits and capital without taxation

Possibility to have a working visa with residency in Dubai

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Dubai free-zone company doesn’t come cheap as with such company you will have the opportunity to request a working visa and to obtain your tax residency in Dubai while not having to stay permanently in the country.

So in order to form your Dubai free-zone company you will have to rent an office in the free-zone, our offer includes a cubicle, a simple desk sufficient to grant you the possibility to request one working visa.

If you need more than one working visa in Dubai you will have to rent a larger surface, usually 9m2 per employee / working visa.

This setup has the advantage to give substance to your Dubai Offshore company; your structure will look right with an office and a residency for the company owner.

Our Dubai offshore company offer:

Registration and license fees

Desk lease rent and Maintenance


Assistance in bank account opening

Professional fees

Dubai bank account opening is becoming, as for many worldwide offshore financial centers, a little bit more difficult and the Dubai bank account opening assistance is a must.

We will prepare for you all the documents for the Dubai bank compliance, organize the bank account opening in Dubai meeting and assist you during all the process.

As we are bank introduction specialists the process will be smooth and fast, you will have to deposit minimum 50’000 USD on the company account.

We also offer private banking in Dubai, many opportunities with Swiss managers living there.


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There is multiples opportunities in to register a company in Dubai but you have to understand some possible tricks to better understand why we chosen Sharjah free-zone to establish companies.

A Dubai company with the right to sell in Dubai and the UAE request a sponsor whom will officially own 50% of your company, we don’t suggest this solution because of the potential issues with the sponsor.

A free-zone company hasn’t the right to do business in Dubai so you can’t import merchandises in Dubai with such company and sell it locally, but you could sell in all the middle-east and worldwide.

We do register Dubai free-zone company not only with SAIF free-zone but also Dubai Airport and DMCC but the office rentals are higher so if you don’t intend to spend a lot of time in Dubai we believe that Sharja free-zone is the best solution.

RAK these three letters means Ras Al Khaimah , the RAK offshore company is to be compared with the BVI’s company, it was trendy and useful and now becoming more difficult to benefit fully from this solution. RAK are located far from Dubai downtown (1.5 hours drive).

The choice of the best solution for your Dubai offshore company will always depends on your business activities and your personal situation; please contact us  for a free consultation.

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