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The best effective way to start your business in Hong Kong with a no-surprises package including the below essentials:

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Before opening a bank account in Hong Kong you should understand the main advantages and disadvantages of the Hong Kong banking system.

There are only few banks in Hong Kong accepting bank account opening for non-residents, so you should consider carefully who will assist you and provide Hong Kong bank introduction services to your company.

We are preparing full compliance reports to facilitate the onboarding process by bank in Hong Kong, so the bank will know about you and your activities prior the bank meeting.

Advantages about opening a bank account in Hong Kong

Excellent internet services with security devices

Multi-currencies accounts with more than 11 currencies

ATM debit card with access to more than 350’000 ATM’s worldwide

Low fees for inwards/outwards

Hong Kong banking system is very robust

Disadvantages about opening a bank account in Hong Kong

You will have to fly to open a bank account in Hong Kong

Hong Kong bank compliance is difficult so you will need the services of a bank introducer in Hong Kong to insure smooth bank account opening

Opening a bank account in Hong Kong often requires 5-6 weeks

Our added value : We are expert in bank introduction

Our Hong Kong bank introduction services consists of preparing an enhanced due diligence for the bank with explanation and documented proofs of your past and current activities as well as explanation about the new company activities with a simplified financial forecast.

The Hong Kong banking system is particularly well adapted for an offshore corporate bank account opening, but opening a private bank account in Hong Kong is very difficult as basically nobody could help you and you have to walk-in and request the opening of such with a low success rate.

Opening a private banking account in Hong Kong

Hong Kong private banking necessitate the deposit of minimum USD 3 million

Assistance of Hong Kong bank introducers or financial intermediaries is a must to smooth the bank account opening process in Hong Kong

Excellent opportunities of investments as Hong Kong financial center is less regulated than other locations and therefore offer better and diversified investment opportunities with higher returns

Please contact us at and mention your nationality, country of residence and activities for a first answer about this great opportunity.

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