Investor visa in Hong Kong

For entrepreneurs the process to obtain an investment visa in Hong Kong, thus a residency and a Hong Kong identity card isn’t complicated, you have basically to sell yourself and your project to the immigration department.

You will have to demonstrate your contribution to the Hong Kong economy and show that you have sufficient resources to run your business and afford the cost of living in the city.

The Hong Kong investor visa is requiring the below elements:

The Hong Kong investor visa is requiring the below elements:

Hong Kong company registration

Bank account opening in Hong Kong

Office rental in Hong Kong , sublet with a friend of yours will not be accepted

The business plan for investment visa in Hong Kong should reflect the importance of being in the country

An investment visa in Hong Kong will be attributed to persons creating futures job opportunities for locals

A Hong Kong company or HKID holder to sponsor you

This explained the support of Hong Kong experts could be an advantage to secure this very important step, our team will help you:

To correct the business plan and adapt it to local realities in terms of costs and possibilities

To find office and recruit staff in Hong Kong with the right budgets

To sponsor your candidature

To follow up the whole process with you

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Usually as many foreigners are attracted by Hong Kong business environment obtaining an investor visa in Hong Kong is a process which will last for 2 months.

We have a definitive advantage to support you, our manager a westerner did for himself the same process 12 years ago, we know the worries and questions related to the process, we help many clients to obtain their Hong Kong investor visa.

Hong Kong isn’t a cheap country to start a new venture but the opportunities to meet with clients are simply enormous, the world is travelling to Hong Kong as a gateway to China and Asian countries. From Hong Kong with a good team your business will immediately become International.

An entrepreneur will always need an investor visa, a future employee will need a Hong Kong working visa and this is completely different.

Obtaining working visa in Hong Kong:

The request is prepared by the Hong Kong company

The Hong Kong company should usually have already local employees

The company will have to advertise for the job and make sure that no local employees with HKID are qualified for the position; the company will have to document this search and the results

The employee should have characteristics related to the offered position in term of experience, languages spoken etc…

A lot of young Europeans are coming to Hong Kong seeking for a job, although there are a lot of opportunities, as the unemployment rate is very low, they face difficulties because of the high cost of living in Hong Kong and their lack of professional experiences to obtain easily a job.

Hong Kong isn’t a new Eldorado, it’s a highly competitive country which welcome foreign investment and foreign labor force after a due diligence process fair but, some will think, difficult.

Fast and Reliable Service: 5 to 8 days

Your company in Hong Kong for 1,190 USD

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