The Best Tips for Managing Offshore Teams

Offshore teams

Every time that people think of going offshore, one of the most scaring things is how to manage the enterprises located thousands of kilometers from home. However, you need to craft a way of doing it for the business to grow.

Most of the top businesses you see today started by crafting strategies to manage offshore teams. Here are some useful tips you can use to manage offshore teams.

Create a business with good structures for teams and designated leaders

After incorporating an offshore business, design structures that allow teams to operate remotely. Then, designate the team leaders with a clear mandate on what to do, how to do it, and expected results. You should also develop a team culture to ensure that every team operates in harmony with the business’ core objective.

Use global communication structures

In any business, whether offshore or local, communication is the key to success. Good communication helps to redefine the operational structures and even drive change. To maintain effective communication at the global level, you need to take advantage of the global communication structures.

Today, many international businesses prefer to use Skype and Emails for prompt communication. Though these tools are effective, it is advisable to consider newer strategies such as Slack that allow teams to communicate in real time. Unlike emails, Slack provides offshore management teams with file sharing, email, messaging, and private channels features.

    Visit the offshore teams to build rapport 

    Though the teams are offshore, you need to bond and make them feel part of the business ‘family”. Therefore, you should consider visiting them and participating in their daily activities. This will help you understand their operational environment, know the challenges, and help spur innovation.

    Visiting the teams can also help to identify areas of the business that require changes. Whether your business has operated well in one city and now want to replicate success in new jurisdictions, it will be easy to establish the level of success by visiting the offshore teams. 


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